Friday, May 30, 2008

Successfully flew with expired ID from Dallas

Airport: Dallas (DFW)
Date: April, 2008
Reason given: Expired ID
Reference: Erin
Result: Successful
Description: It seems my driver’s license expired this year on my birthday, unbeknownst to me. I am now finally in the habit of leaving the house for domestic flights without even thinking about digging out my passport, which was a necessity anytime I flew anywhere while we lived in Amsterdam. So, armed only with an apparently expired driver’s license to identify myself, the security guard informed me he was going to have to write in huge black letters across my boarding pass “No ID.” Then I had to wait five minutes for a “female assist” to come pat me down, search through my belongings, and exclaim that I certainly don’t look my age and at first she wondered why they would be so up in arms about a high-schooler not having an ID. (For those of you reading who are unaware: it’s been over a decade since I was in high school.)


Kate said...

My license had been expired for 5 months and wasn't able to get new (I had moved to a new state) prior to my trip. I flew out of O'Hare without any trouble - they looked at my picture and name. On the return trip out of Pensacola the TSA agent noticed and I pulled out my social security card. I began to get other ID's and she said she didn't need anything else. I was a wreck before the trip but as long as you have other forms of ID you should be fine. This was during Memorial Day weekend 2009.

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