Saturday, January 5, 2008

Unsuccesful at flying without ID at Newark Airport, November, 2007

Airport: Newark (EWR)
ID Offered: None
Date: November, 2007
Reference: sbm12
Reason given: Want to fly without ID
Result: Unsuccessful
Description: So yesterday I had another failed attempt to clear security without showing ID, this time at EWR. A supervisor was called, who then called the PAPD "to observe" and a "manager" who wouldn't give me his actual title and then when I asked for a spelling of his last name said "spell it any way you want" came over to instruct the PAPD guy to make sure that I was removed from the premises if I caused any more trouble. He asked if I was testing them, accused me of recording the conversation (I had my laptop open with an external EvDO card that he thought was a camera) and he suggested that I call the local news station and that they'd still refuse me access.

I got names and badge numbers and the like, and the most thorough secondary screening of my life - at least 6 different agents involved, followed by a significant debrief for the whole group of agents on duty - probably 8-10 folks standing at the back end of security when I finally did clear.

So what do you say to the ID check agent? I'd prefer not to lie, so I don't want to tell a sob story about havin my license stolen or something like that.

Also, who should I write to about this, other than my congress-critters? Anyone have the name/address of someone at EWR that would actually make sure that the TSA staff there gets appropriate training?


Anonymous said...

Why not stuff your ID in one your carry-ons and tell the airline/TSA that you've misplaced your ID? It isn't a lie, your ID isn't in your wallet, it is out of place.

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